FB Tips for passing your driving test first time.

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Tips for passing your driving test first time.


Tips for passing your driving test first time.

Taking your driving test for the first time can be daunting, and while nerves are normal, if you’re well-prepared then you’ve got a great chance of passing! We’ve put together five tips on how to best prepare, stay calm and give you the best chance of passing on the big day.


1. Have a lesson before the test

Your instructor will always recommend that you take a lesson before your test, which is something we recommend too! This lesson will give you a chance to get used to driving on the day, focus on any minor mistakes that you may still be making, go through all of the manoeuvres, and ask any last minute questions to your instructor.  This time is valuable, so make the most of it!


2. Know the test routes

The chances are that you’ve been learning to drive in your local area, and the instructor would’ve taken you on the test routes in the lessons, so it’s important to choose where you want to take your test, and do so in an area where you are familiar with the test routes.


3. Mirror checks

One of the biggest causes for minor faults in a test is the lack of observations. Remember to check those mirrors when setting off, changing lanes, approaching hazards, and even when changing gears. Don’t just glance either, especially when setting off, as the examiner may miss this, so make sure that you exaggerate your movements each time.


4. Don’t panic and assume you’ve failed

The chances are not everything will go right through the test, you’re likely to make a mistake on the day, and if you do, don’t panic! If you assume you’ve failed then you’re likely to make more mistakes, so remember to stay in control and don’t let any errors play on your mind. Use the rest of the test to make up for the error, and show to the examiner that you can recover without panicking.


5. Don’t rush

Not just while driving on the test, but also rushing in regards to booking the test. Your instructor should be honest in assessing whether your ready to take a test, and there’s no point in taking your test if you aren’t ready to do so! Also make sure you book your test at the right time so you can give it your undivided attention, and be in the right frame of mind without other time-consuming commitments.


Finally, if things don’t go your way in the first test, don’t be too disheartened, and listen to the feedback given by your examiner. Listening to feedback after failing can be difficult, as emotions can be high, so allowing for your instructor to stay in the car throughout the test is also helpful, as this will provide you with constructive criticism, long after the test. Listening to this and learning from your mistakes gives you a good chance of passing the second time around, so we’d recommend that you do this too!

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