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Car Leasing Review - the Peugeot 208


Car Leasing Review - the Peugeot 208

The Peugeot 208 hatchback is quite simply put a great little car! It’s well reviewed across the board and our current Best Buy offer starts at just £113.99 a month. 

So what do the critics say about it?  Here’s the LittleGreenCarLeasing review round-up:


Peugeot 208 interior



"The Peugeot 208 supermini is stylish and generously equipped, with thrifty engines to help cut your motoring bills."


"Peugeot’s 208 sits firmly in the mainstream of the ultra-competitive supermini class. It goes head-to-head with top sellers like the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa and VW Polo, but offers its own unique blend of style and customisation.

In its favour, it offers plenty of practicality for passengers and luggage, and has a pleasing-looking interior. It’s easy to drive, too, with some very strong engines (as long as you avoid entry-level models) and safe, secure handling. The latest facelift brings new levels of infotainment and safety to the 208, too."


"Peugeot knows that plenty of people are downsizing to save money, but aren’t willing to compromise on quality. Its 208 has one of the classiest cabins of any small car, while standard equipment, both luxury and safety, is generous across the range. It also comes with a range of clean, fuel-efficient engines."


"Genuine rethink in how you build a small car, the reality almost lives up to the hype."


High praise indeed. Our current Best Buy offer on the Peugeot 208 sees a number of colours in stock for quick delivery – don’t miss out take a look at the deal here.


BMW – manufacturer spotlight


BMW – manufacturer spotlight

BMW is an icon of luxury motoring and with an ever-evolving range of executive cars, 4x4s, sports vehicles and electric cars it’s a brand which evokes excitement when you think about the future.

Here’s a quick history of the German giant.

BMW was created out of the merger three manufacturing companies in 1917. 101 years after BMW was created it is a truly global organization that owns 30 production facilities in 14 countries on 4 continents!

It’s early days were very different to what we see today and before 1923 BMW only manufactured aeroplane engines. They announced their first motorcycle, the R32 in 1923. BMW created a motorcycle design that was so efficient that the 1923 concept plan is still used in modern BMW motorcycles.

In 1928, BMW began working on their first car; a design borrowed from the Austin Motor Company. It was not until 1932 that BMW used its own designs and built the first ‘true’ BMW.

World War II hit BMW hard and throughout the war it manufactured war materials for the German military after most of the manufacturing facilities, and production plants in Germany came under the control of the government following the Nazi invasion of Poland. During this time, BMW was devoted almost entirely to making aircrafts for the German air force and motorcycles for the German army. Production of cars came to a complete halt until the war ended.

The Allied forces took control of each of the BMW plants and dismantled them after the war and in a move that prevented the destruction of the company, BMW began to produce pots and pans! It was until 1951 that BMW was able to produce its first car since the start of the war. That car was the 501,  a large saloon that could seat six people comfortably and although not a great success in terms of sales the 501 played an important role in re-establishing the company’s reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of quality and technologically advanced vehicles.

BMW regained an independent status in 1960 and with some financial help from the German government, BMW was restructured under new management and began to flourish. During the 1960s and 1970s BMW focused on expanding at a rapid rate and this period of growth created the foundations for the organisation that BMW is today.

BMW became known for the extensive amount of research that went into designing and producing new vehicles and in 1990 BMW opened its Research and Innovation Centre in Munich, paving the way for other manufacturers.The facility continues to employ over 7,000 people from scientists, designers, engineers, managers and technical staff all working together to create the modern, luxury vehicles we covet today.

The first USA plant opened in the 1990s and confirmed BMW’s position as a global manufacturer. The plant was built in Spartanburg, South Carolina and was initially the dedicated production facility of the Z3 roadster. Today, the plant continues to produce the Z3 as well as the recent BMW X series. The X3, X5, and X6 are all made in the USA.

With a century of success under it’s belt, the leadership at BMW are looking ahead to the year 2020; by then BMW aims to be the leading luxury automotive manufacturer in the world.

To discover what car leasing deals we have on BMWs please click here 




Car leasing review - the BMW 4-Series Coupe


Car leasing review - the BMW 4-Series Coupe

With a 4-star rating from WhatCar? the BMW 4 series coupe is a car that makes heads turn and is a pretty great all rounder.

Is there much space?

With only 2-doors some families might not see this as THE car for them, but it's actually quite practical, is well equipped and drives well. Even in the back of the car, there's a surprising amount of leg room. There’s room for only two in the back, with the space between them given over to an armrest and there is little in the way of storage areas (no door cubby holes for example.)

BMW 4 series couple

How's the drive?

The BMW 4 Series comes with the option of adaptive M Sport suspension, which can be adjusted to suit different roads and driving conditions. The driver can choose between Sport mode, for a stiffer ride but better road holding, Comfort and Comfort +, which softens everything off for a more compliant but still well controlled ride. A nice feature that means you can adapt the ‘feel’ of the car to your preference.

The 4 series handles well and it’s steering is accurate and really responsive – it is a wide car however so on narrow roads it does feel big.

The driving position is low, giving the car a sporty feel. Visibility does suffer a bit but parking sensors are standard on all 4 Series models and there is an option for a rear-view camera and self parking mode. 

Tech spec?

It’s ‘tech’ score is good with sat-nav, DAB radio, Bluetooth and a USB port all fitted as standard along with steering wheel audio and phone controls. The BMW iDrive infotainment system is extremely well reviewed across the board and the 4-series benefits from this as well.

BMW 5 series

A fun car with room for four….well worth a look if you’re a BMW fan. Click here to see our current deals on the BMW 4 series coupe.  From just £249.99 a month.

Got any general questions about car leasing click here or call us on 01491 615514 












When did you last check your car’s oil?


When did you last check your car’s oil?

It might be the fuel that keeps your car running on the road but all the fuel in the world will be no good if you car’s engine oil is not adequate.

The majority of drivers don’t check their engine oil anywhere near enough – so here’s our tips.

What does oil do?

The oil in your vehicle lubricates the engine’s internal moving parts, ensuring they don’t wear away too quickly. Oil also helps to keep the engine clean, by preventing the build up of dirt and finally oil helps keep it from overheating. So…pretty important!

How often should you check your oil?

Advice varies on this – some sources say check each time you fill up with fuel, others fortnightly, others monthly. We say that monthly is a good starting point.

Checking the oil level is a quick and easy job that will take just minutes.

How do I check my car’s oil?

All cars are different of course so the first thing to do is refer to your owner manual to check exactly how to check your oil levels and it’s worth noting that some new cars have electronic oil monitors and don't have traditional dipsticks for manual inspection. 

However, if your car doesn’t have an electronic monitor, follow these steps.

  • Park your car on level ground
  • Ensure your engine is cool – so either check levels before you switch the engine on our at least 10 minutes after you have switched the engine off.
  • Open the car’s bonnet and find the dipstick (your manual will show where this is located on your car.)
  • Pull the dipstick out from the engine and wipe any oil off from its end on a rag / tissue.
  • Insert the dipstick back into its tube and push it all the way back in.
  • Pull it back out, and this time look at both sides of the dipstick to see where the oil is on the end.
  • Every dipstick has some way of indicating the proper oil level, whether it be two pinholes, the letters L and H (low and high), the words MIN and MAX, or simply an area of crosshatching. If the top of the oil “streak” is between the two marks or within the crosshatched area, the level is fine. But if the oil is below the minimum mark, you need to add oil as described below.

If everything’s okay, wipe off the dipstick again and insert it back into its tube, making sure it’s fully seure. Close the hood and you’re done. 

If you need to top up your oil, first of all don’t buy ‘any old oil’! Always use the grade of oil recommended in the owner’s manual.

To add oil:

Remove the oil filler cap, usually located on top of the engine.

Over-filling with oil is bad for the engine so just add a little at a time and using a funnel will help to avoid spillages.

Wait a minute or so and check the dipstick again. If the level is still below or near the minimum mark, add more and so on.

Screw the oil filler cap back on securely, and you’re done.

Just a couple of minutes can make all the difference to the health of your car and remember even if you’re driving a leased vehicle it is your responsibility to ensure the day-to-day health and maintenance of it.

Happy Motoring!

If you have any questions about car leasing please refer to our FAQs here.



Kia Niro – car leasing review


Kia Niro – car leasing review

The Kia Niro is a well-reviewed compact crossover that continues Kia’s reputation for producing good value ‘solid’ vehicles.

The Kia Niro is different from other small SUVs on offer in that it is a hybrid and uses an electric motor to boost the performance of the 1.6l petrol engine.

A great value vehicle, the Niro also offers very generous boot space (thanks to the fact that the battery lives under the back seat) and the rear seats won’t feel cramped even to a 6-foot adult.

The driving quality of the Niro has been applauded, overall, with smooth switching between power sources that doesn’t compromise the overall ease of driving this car.

We have a fantastic leasing deal available on the Kia Niro, currently priced from under £190/month and available in 3-4 weeks….take a look at this great deal here.

If you have any general questions about car leasing please refer to our FAQs


How to get the best price on your car insurance


How to get the best price on your car insurance

You’re in the market for a brand new lease car – great decision! With so many great makes and models on offer you’ll no doubt be comparing and contrasting prices, specifications, fuel economy and more. (Take a look at all of our leasing offers here.)

One element of your brand new car not to be forgotten is the cost of insurance.

Every car needs to be insured and it can be pricy. According to the Association of British Insurers the average car insurance premium in the UK for comprehensive cover is £484 a year. Age, driving experience and of course the type of car you drive are all factors that can change the price so we have listed a few hints and tips so you can be safe in the knowledge you’re not paying too much for your car insurance.

Check your insurance costs before committing to a car

Some makes and models cost more to insure simply because they are considered to be ‘high risk’ whether that’s because they’re a high performance car or particularly desirable. High insurance premiums aren’t always the reserve for cars with a high list price so do your research before you commit to that lease contract.  

ALWAYS shop around

Sorry, we didn’t mean to shout but it’s really important that you shop around for your insurance as 99% of the time you will save yourself some money!

Many people will use comparison sites when they’re researching their car but then take the easy route renew their car insurance with the same insurer. Does this sound like you? Well, you could be paying over the odds.

Car insurance is a competitive industry, so if you shop around you will almost always find a better deal than the one you have now, but be consistent in doing this every year and make sure you’re comparing like for like. Set aside some time to do your comparisons and have your paperwork handy so you know what cover you currently have.

Don’t accept the first offer

If you find a cheaper price when shopping around, you can always call your insurer and ask them to match it. This is a worthwhile call to make, especially if you’d really rather not switch your insurer.  If they won’t agree to match the price or come close, take your business elsewhere. It is a pretty simple process to switch these days so be astute and save yourself some money.

Consider a black box recorder

Some insurers are now offering reduced premiums if you agree to have a black box driving recorder fitted to your car. This device records your driving style and assesses your level of risk – so if you drive sensibly, your insurance premium is reduced.

These are considered to be a bit controversial because people dislike the "Big Brother" aspect of insurance with such telematics, but if you’re looking for the biggest savings possible, it’s worth considering.

A friend of mine has a 20 year old son and with a black box his premium is half what it would be without! So do consider this as an option (especially for younger drivers.)

Clear out your garage

Keeping your car in the garage – controversial we know if you’re anything like us and your garage is packed with ‘stuff’ you don’t really need!!

Take a look on comparison sites and you will often find that changing ‘on street parking’ to ‘garage parking’ can make a significant change to the price quoted.

Check what added options are on your premium

Insurance quotes will often bundle in features like European cover, additional driver cover and other things which you may not need. If you opt out of these extras, you may find a worthwhile drop in the price. 

A note about mileage

Consider your annual mileage when checking insurance premiums. If you only do 6,000 miles per year in the car, there’s no need to be insured for 10,000 miles. Again, if your mileage starts to go up, you can call the insurer and have the cover increased to allow for the extra mileage.

Don’t bend the truth

Fibbing, bending the truth, lying on your insurance forms is never ok. If you provide incorrect information to the insurance company, you face the risk that your cover will be void if you ever try to claim on it.

  • Don’t say you have secure garage parking if you don’t.
  • Don’t say you drive 8,000 miles a year if in reality it’s 20,000.
  • Don’t fail to declare speeding fines or modifications.

When you make a claim these details will be checked and any discrepancies might mean your claim is rejected!

We hope you’ve found this information useful. Happy Motoring.



New Year Driving Resolutions! What will yours be?


New Year Driving Resolutions! What will yours be?

Now, many people make resolutions about health, weight, going to the gym ….boring!!! How about making some resolutions to be a better driver and a more considerate road user? There are SO many bad driving habits and I’m sure we’re all guilty of one or two. Here’s a few of my pet hates, we’d love to hear about yours on our Facebook page.

Middle lane drivers.

The motorway has 3, sometimes 4 lanes so WHY do you insist on sitting in the middle, pootling along at 50mph and causing untold frustration!

Left hand lane is for “pootling” once you've over taken MOVE OVER!!

Driving distracted. 

As someone who walks as much as  I drive, I've seen it all!

Eating cereal behind the wheel (yes really!) applying makeup, shaving!! A distracted driver is not a driver in control so let's just concentrate on the machine we're in control of shall we?

Poor parking. 

Taking up 2 spaces in the car park, parking a mile from the curb.....poor parking isn't just annoying it's liable to a fine so take a bit more care when parking.


Speed limits exist for a reason - safety! There's nothing worse than seeing car flying down a 30 mph limit road, that is residential, with a school, a lollipop lady on the crossing! Slow down people. As my old Grandad used to say 'better 10 minutes late than 40 years too early!'

Road rage. bad driving habits can annoy us but there is no need for road rage. Drivers that lay on the horn, swearing, questionable gestures (!) Let's all just calm down and focus on driving well ourselves.

If we all made a resolution to be a better driver, just think how much nicer our roads would be. 



How is the UK driving test changing?


How is the UK driving test changing?

You may have seen in the news this week that the UK’s driving test is having a major shake up – the biggest change since the theory test was introduced in 1996.

So, what’s changing?

There will be more independent driving in the new test involves 20 as opposed to 10 minutes of independent driving using a sat nav or traffic signs.


A definite sign of the times, a sat nav is being introduced to the driving test. The sat nav will be provided and set by the examiner and all will use a TomTom Start 52 model. Not everyone taking their test will be asked to use the sat nav, it will be around 4 in 5 people.


The new test will no longer include the ‘reverse around a corner’ or ‘turn-in-the-road’ manoeuvres however these will still be taught by instructors.Manoeuvres to be tested now are:

- Parallel park at the side of the road

- Park in a bay - either driving in and reversing out

- Reversing in and driving out

- Pull up on the right-hand side of the road

- Reverse for 2 car lengths

- Rejoin the traffic.


Finally those being tested will be asked the ‘tell me’ question at the start of the test but the ‘show me’ question will be asked during the test - for example, demonstrating you know how to use the windscreen wipers.

Leasing is a great option for first time drivers and with deals from around £100 from it's a cost effective option too.  Take a look at our latest offers here.

Do you still think you could pass your driving test today? We’d love to know – tell us on our Facebook page.


Car Leasing Review - the Skoda Fabia


Car Leasing Review - the Skoda Fabia

The Skoda Fabia is a really well reviewed little car and would be a sound choice for anyone looking to lease a small family car.

Here's what the experts have had to say.

Take a look at our leasing deal - from just £105.99/month.


"The latest Skoda Fabia is a very accomplished car to drive. It benefits from a chassis that’s more highly developed than its siblings, the Volkswagen Polo and SEAT Ibiza, putting the extra size and sophistication of its MQB componentry to good use.

Precise steering and the lower kerbweight of the latest Fabia mean it handles more neatly than the previous version, proving light on its feet and nimble in town. While the 1.0 engines weigh in at under a tonne, the sweet spot of the range is actually the 1,034kg 1.2 TSI 90, but do be aware the 1.4 TDI diesel pushes kerbweight up to over 1,100kg, largely over the front axle: these versions thus have a little less finesse.

But sporty handling arguably isn’t as important as comfort in a supermini, and while the Fabia isn't quick, it more than compensates in terms of ride quality."


"However, long motorway journeys aren't really the main point of this version of the Fabia... Instead, it is much happier around town. It's a quiet and smooth engine that allows for easy nipping from junction to junction. Stick in the lower gears at town speeds and the Fabia's light but precise gearshift allows for unfussed urban progress." 

Top Gear

"The Fabia has a thoroughly pleasant cabin... You could quite comfortably while away hours and hours behind the wheel...Skoda’s taken everything the old Fabia did so well and modernised it. The commonsense supermini choice..."

Honest John 

"The Fabia feels like a big step forward versus the old model. It's more stylish, has a better cabin and feels grown-up and competent on the road. Yet, despite all of the improvements, it still represents excellent value for money thanks to reasonable prices, decent equipment levels and low running costs." 

Little Green Car Leasing Summary 

If you're looking to lease a brand new supermini, there's a good chance the Fabia has already crossed your mind. Critics are loving this car's comfortable and roomy interior, which means it's great for longer journeys and those quick pop-to-the-shop trips alike. 

Whilst the supermini genre is a busy market, qualities like the extra space in this car could well help to make this one stand out amongst its closest competitors. And with the precision steering and great handling also roundly praised by the car-journos, there's plenty to get excited about here! 

We hope our prices on this car are just as exciting - leasing with us starts at just under £115 a month! Interested to learn more? Click here or just give our team a call today and we'll take it from there: 01491 615514


The Landrover Discovery Sport - could this be your next SUV?


The Landrover Discovery Sport - could this be your next SUV?


Have we got your attention!?!

We just had to shout because we've got an AMAZING Best Buy deal on the Landrover Discovery Sport - from just £216.99 a month you could be driving this amazing SUV.....if the price alone doesn't convince you we've rounded up what some of the experts are saying about this good looking, family friendly SUV (and we've thrown in a bit of history too!)

Click here for out Land Rover Discovery Sport Deals.

Land Rovers have been built since 1948

They are the second oldest four wheel drive vehicles in automotive history after Jeeps. Back then, they were made by Rover, but Land Rover as a company wasn't founded until 1978.

Made in the UK

The Discovery Sport is manufactured at the Jaguar Land Rover Halewood Body & Assembly facility, in Halewood, Liverpool, United Kingdom, alongside the Range Rover Evoque.

Almost faultless?

The Landrover Discovery Sport is really well reviewed - some of the top comments we've read include: 

  1. Tackles long journeys with ease​
  2. Feels built to last
  3. Smooth controls
  4. Impressive for such a family friendly car​
  5. Scored top marks in crash tests

Top Gear even went so far as to say “It's the best car in its class!”

WhatCar? gave the Landrover Discovery Sport a solid 4-star review. They heaped praise on the SUV saying:

While the full-size Land Rover Discovery is as capable off road as it is comfortable and practical on it, it's always been a pricey purchase. However, the smaller Land Rover Discovery Sport is designed to bring similar qualities to a wider audience.

A replacement for the Freelander, which was discontinued in 2014, it's based on the Range Rover Evoque. Yet with the boxier lines of a traditional SUV, rather than the Evoques’s coupé-esque sillouette, the Discovery Sport is a proper family friendly machine.”

AutoExpress crowned the Land Rover Discovery Sport the Best Compact SUV in our 2015 New Car Awards and the 2017 version is arguably better so definitely a car to consider if you’re looking for a family friendly SUV with style.





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