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New Year Driving Resolutions! What will yours be?


New Year Driving Resolutions! What will yours be?

Now, many people make resolutions about health, weight, going to the gym ….boring!!! How about making some resolutions to be a better driver and a more considerate road user? There are SO many bad driving habits and I’m sure we’re all guilty of one or two. Here’s a few of my pet hates, we’d love to hear about yours on our Facebook page.

Middle lane drivers.

The motorway has 3, sometimes 4 lanes so WHY do you insist on sitting in the middle, pootling along at 50mph and causing untold frustration!

Left hand lane is for “pootling” once you've over taken MOVE OVER!!

Driving distracted. 

As someone who walks as much as  I drive, I've seen it all!

Eating cereal behind the wheel (yes really!) applying makeup, shaving!! A distracted driver is not a driver in control so let's just concentrate on the machine we're in control of shall we?

Poor parking. 

Taking up 2 spaces in the car park, parking a mile from the curb.....poor parking isn't just annoying it's liable to a fine so take a bit more care when parking.


Speed limits exist for a reason - safety! There's nothing worse than seeing car flying down a 30 mph limit road, that is residential, with a school, a lollipop lady on the crossing! Slow down people. As my old Grandad used to say 'better 10 minutes late than 40 years too early!'

Road rage. bad driving habits can annoy us but there is no need for road rage. Drivers that lay on the horn, swearing, questionable gestures (!) Let's all just calm down and focus on driving well ourselves.

If we all made a resolution to be a better driver, just think how much nicer our roads would be. 


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