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Kia Niro – car leasing review


Kia Niro – car leasing review

The Kia Niro is a well-reviewed compact crossover that continues Kia’s reputation for producing good value ‘solid’ vehicles.

The Kia Niro is different from other small SUVs on offer in that it is a hybrid and uses an electric motor to boost the performance of the 1.6l petrol engine.

A great value vehicle, the Niro also offers very generous boot space (thanks to the fact that the battery lives under the back seat) and the rear seats won’t feel cramped even to a 6-foot adult.

The driving quality of the Niro has been applauded, overall, with smooth switching between power sources that doesn’t compromise the overall ease of driving this car.

We have a fantastic leasing deal available on the Kia Niro, currently priced from under £190/month and available in 3-4 weeks….take a look at this great deal here.

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