Car Leasing - The Basics


What are the top 10 benefits of leasing a car?

  1. New; you're driving a car which is never more than three years old. And you can have a new car every three years.
  2. Budgeting; you know what your monthly car costs are going to be. Especially if you choose the maintenance option.
  3. Lower cost; when you buy a car you're buying the entire car, with leasing you're not so you pay a lot less.
  4. Peace of mind; with leasing you don't have to worry about what happens to the car after three years, it simply gets collected.
  5. Choice; With a lease company they are not trying to sell you a specific make or model. You can choose whichever you want.
  6. Advice; because the lease company is not trying to sell you a specific make or model, you can get impartial advice on any make or model.
  7. Affordability; you can choose the vehicle and terms which totally suit your budgets.
  8. Support; when you lease a car the lease company will want you to get another car after three years, so they will usually give you advice on any questions you have over the three year term.
  9. Simplified cost; you're monthly cost is just one payment covering the car, servicing, road fund licence.
  10. Your car; you are always driving a new car and never one that was once someone else's.

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