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What are the costs involved with electric car leasing?

First off is working out your initial payment.

Think of it as swings and roundabouts – the more you can afford in your initial payment, the lower your monthly rentals.

We offer 3 options for initial payment – these are equivalent to 3, 6 or 9 times your monthly rental.

So if you see a price of £150 per month you can expect to pay £450, £900 or £1350 initially.

This is taken by direct debit around 2 weeks after delivery.

Then you have your monthly costs for the term of your contract.

So if the price quoted is £150 you can expect to pay this every month for your agreed rental period. It will be taken from your bank by direct debit.

There is also an arrangement fee – this is currently £199+VAT.

You pay this at the start of the agreement and it covers the cost of organising your car and the paperwork.

It has to be stated as a separate amount under FCA (Finance Conduct Authority) rules and cannot just be hidden in your monthly payment, so that you can see all the costs clearly.

Remember insurance, that’s the only other cost.

That's it!

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