FB With fuel prices on the rise, how can you be a fuel efficient driver?

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With fuel prices on the rise, how can you be a fuel efficient driver?


With fuel prices on the rise, how can you be a fuel efficient driver?

Fuel prices have risen for the second consecutive month according to figures revealed by the RAC this month.

The average price of petrol rose by 2p per litre in March to £1.23, while diesel increased by nearly 1p to £1.31.

Unless we switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle fuel costs are just a fact of driving.

Whether you’re driving a second hand vehicle or a brand new lease car, some basic driving tips that increase fuel efficiency are surely always welcome.

Here’s some of our top ones

  1. Good maintenance of your car can increase efficiency. This includes regular servicing (if your lease agreement includes a maintenance package, even better!) using the right spec of engine oil and ensuring your tyre pressures are at the correct level.
  2. Lose weight! Not you!! You can save weight in terms of items you’re storing in your car! Extra weight means extra fuel so don’t be a hoarder.
  3. On those chilly Spring mornings don't leaving your van engine running for 15 minutes to warm up - it wastes fuel! 
  4. If you’re driving a new lease car you may have built in sat-nav! Use it! Getting lost and driving 20 miles round the houses wastes fuel.
  5. Drive smoothly, accelerate and decelerate gently.
  6. Do you really need the air con or heat on full blast? Excessive use will decrease fuel efficiency.
  7. New vehicles are full of electrics – but do you really need to heat your front or rear windscreens? Do you need your seat warmers on for the whole journey? By all means use these luxuries but once you’re warm, switch them off.
  8. Stick to the limit! Driving at 80mph on the motorway will use up to 25% more fuel than sticking to 70mph!
  9. DON’T coast!! It used to be common to roll down hill out of gear – thought to be fuel saving! Well, it might be but it also puts you wildly out of control of your car – please don’t risk your safety for better fuel consumption
  10. DON’T switch off unless you are likely to be stationery for around 3 minutes. Your new lease car may have a stop/start system but this clever kit ensures the engine only stops if the engine is warm enough to restart without any issues. You don’t want to get stranded on a busy junction.


  • The UK is at number 16 in the list of most expensive countriesto fill your car up!
  • Hong Kong, Norway and the Netherlands top the poll and if you want to pay the least – move to Kuwait!!

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