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Why car leasing is a great option when you hear the pitter patter of tiny feet!


Why car leasing is a great option when you hear the pitter patter of tiny feet!

Starting a family is most definitely a wonderful time of life – excitement and fear in equal measure!

The list of essentials seems endless – and a fair few of them will end up, never used, in the loft (baby bath anyone?!) but one thing that is often very much essential is a change of car!

Suddenly the two-seater convertible or the funky super-mini feels really, really tiny! With car seats, push chairs and copious changes of clothing to fit in, 5 doors and good boot space becomes necessary.

With so much else to spend your hard earned cash on, and likely reduced income due to maternity leave, car leasing can be a cost effective and easy to budget for option if you are in need of a family car.


So, how does car leasing work?

Leasing a car means that you get to drive a new car, but you’re not buying it. Think of it like hiring a car, but for longer, usually 2 or 3 years.

How much do you pay?

Well you pay an agreed amount to start with (just after you take delivery), then a lower amount each month. Then at the end you just hand the car back. It’s as simple as that.

The payments you make cover the cost of the car and the car tax. And you can choose to pay a bit more to cover servicing, new tyres, breakdown cover etc. Then all you need to pay for on top of that is the car insurance and fuel.

The amount you pay to start with is usually about the same as either 3, 6 or 9 of the monthly payments.

You can choose how much to pay up front. The more you pay the less the monthly payment is. 

The only payment before delivery is an arrangement fee of £199 + VAT.

Let’s take an example

Sophie is 6 months pregnant, she wants a new, bigger car. She looks on www.carcontracthire.com and chooses one she likes. It costs £165.00 per month. She decides she’d prefer to cover the cost of servicing (this is the maintenance package) rather than have any surprises throughout the year.

So, now the payments are £195.00 per month.

The initial payment is equal to six monthly payments, so that makes it £1,170.00

Sophie completes the application form on line – this takes around 10 minutes and asks for information including name and address, employment details and bank details. This is so that the finance company can check she has a real bank account.

Once complete she presses send and it gets to us. We then process it with the finance company and check the availability of the car. This usually takes from between 24 to 48 hours.

The finance is approved. We tell Sophie and she confirms the order on line. Then we order the car and arrange to deliver it where and when Sophie wants it.

This typically takes four to five weeks.

Then the car is delivered.

It’s that simple!

We can handle everything online, via our secure website or our friendly expert team is on the end of the phone to talk you through the process – whatever you prefer.

So, if you’re after a cheap car leasing deal to accommodate your growing family, you now know who we are!

Come and take a look around our deals!

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