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Car Leasing Review - the Mitsubishi Outlander


Car Leasing Review - the Mitsubishi Outlander

In the market for a brand new car? With the fantastic range of vehicles on the market at the moment, you’re in an enviable position! Less enviable, however, is probably the amount of research you’re probably thinking you’re going to have to do before you make your decision…

But at Little Green Car Leasing, we’re here to help, so we’re providing you with our condensed review summaries of some of our Best Buys (those with amazing leasing rates), so that you can save that time and effort for something you’d rather be doing! 

This time around, it’s the Mitsubishi Outlander, a head-turning 4x4 plug-in hybrid, packed with great features!

Mitsubishi Outlander

So what do the car critics think?


“The Outlander’s impressive figures are what make it such a popular choice, but it’s relatively low price also helps. Most plug-in hybrid SUVs sit in the classes above, with the likes of the Volvo XC60 T8 Twin Engine and Audi Q7 e-tron costing far more. Instead, the Outlander PHEV offers plug-in hybrid functionality for the price of a high-spec, conventional large family SUV, like the Skoda KodiaqVolkswagen Tiguan or Nissan X-Trail. The Mitsubishi Outlander may not be entirely competitive in its conventionally-powered forms, but with the addition of excellent plug-in hybrid technology, the PHEV version makes a lot of sense if you want to cut down on your car’s emissions.”

The Telegraph 

“While it’s not especially dramatic to look at, the Mitsubishi Outlander’s square shape does make it practical. Up front there’s loads of head and leg room, while the second row offers plenty of space for three people. True, the plug-in hybrid model is only available as a five-seater because it has an electric motor beneath its boot floor, but most diesel versions come with two extra seats that can be folded into this space when they're not needed. Even with these rearmost seats in position there’s a useable boot, and with them stowed away it’s huge. Access is easy, too, thanks to the large tailgate. And with all five rear seats folded down you’re left with a van-like load space.” 


“Mitsubishi is well known for building reliable cars and the Outlander is no exception. The Outlander upholds Mitsubishi’s reputation for reliability. The diesel engine is an updated version of existing units, while Mitsubishi isn’t new to electric vehicle technology.”


“As with its rivals, the Outlander is an excellent choice if you have a family. Its roomy cabin has space for seven people (the Outlander PHEV only has room for five) and the boot is big enough to swallow a family’s luggage for a fortnight. It’s not the most inspiring of interiors to look at, but is easy to use and feels robustly put together.

Like the interior, the drive is perfectly competent, if none too inspiring. The Outlander is at its best on the motorway where the ride is comfortable and the cabin quiet. Take to country roads and there’s little to encourage sporty driving, but it remains a serene place to travel.”

Honest John 

“Ultimately, Mitsubishi has found a very useful niche with the Outlander PHEV by offering this much space in such tax-friendly fashion, which could well be enough for plenty of company car buyers – those with company fuel cards, especially.”

Little Green Car Leasing Summary 

Some food for thought there, then!

Singled out for praise is this SUV’s space and practicality, something that’s very important to think about, especially for those that have a family to consider and long journeys to make! Alluded to briefly is the car’s reliability and its eco-credentials which we know are important factors for a lot of you out there.

At Little Green Car Leasing, we have a fantastic lease price on the Outlander - starting from under £200 per month! To take the next step towards getting behind the wheel of this car have a look here or why not give our friendly team a call today? 01491 61551

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