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How to report a pothole


How to report a pothole

If, like me, you've noticed the poor state of our roads, much of which is being blamed on the after effects of the 'beast from the east' you might like to know how to report a pothole to your local council.

Perhaps not the most exciting subject but potholes can cause major of damage to vehicles,  including breaking suspension springs, damaging shock absorbers and distorting wheels.

In 2016, over £3million of damage was caused to UK motorist’s cars.

I reported a pothole to my local council today (it's huge...the pothole, not the council) and cars are swerving around it. As this is the walking route for my children to their school I decided to take action.

The process was quick and's what to do.

Firstly if it is save to take a picture of the pothole then do this. ONLY if it is safe - for example I took a photo today as I was walking at the time and didn't need to go onto the road to take the picture. 

Secondly make a note of where you are - the reporting system will ask for roadname or postcode and where it is near (shops, school etc)

When you are able to log onto the Internet go to

You will be asked to enter the postcode of the location you wish to report and this will take you to that local council website. 

If the pothole is severe ring the number provided - if not severe you can report the pothole online. 

It took me less than 5 minutes. 

Remember if we don't report potholes they won't be added to the list to fix! 

So - do the right thing and get reporting.


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