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Will a smartphone signal-blocker finally stop mobile phone use at the wheel?


Will a smartphone signal-blocker finally stop mobile phone use at the wheel?

British scientists have created a smartphone signal-blocker that stops mobile users being distracted while behind the wheel.

Designed to help curb the so-called ‘epidemic’ of smart-phone use while driving, developers say it is aimed at ‘compulsive checkers’ who can’t resist the ‘temptation’ of checking every message.

Nissan has created the Signal Shield which they say "uses 19th century technology to create a simple solution to a 21st century motoring problem."

It creates a secure flip-top signal-blocking compartment in the armrest of the car into which drivers can place their phones to block out all cellular, Bluetooth and wi-fi signals.

Its inventors believe it will be particularly helpful for motorists who really don’t want to use their phone while driving – whether illegally hand-held or legally ‘hands-free’ - but find the ‘temptation’ to answer irresistible.

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Share is launched!

07/11/2015 is launched! It’s been months in the making and we are excited to be finally able to share a new concept in car leasing where you can lease a car entirely online from start to finish – welcome to! is all about bringing you the very best of car leasing – sharing with you the best deals and ensuring you’re not missing out on a cost effective and hassle free way to get behind the wheel of the latest models by keeping the process entirely online. Just 10% of vehicles on the UK’s roads are on lease so chances are that up to now you’ve been missing out on the benefits that a long term car lease can bring. aims to change this by offering a simple online process that offers great value with only special discounted deals available. What are the benefits to leasing a car? Businesses have long been tuned into the benefits of leasing vehicles but for individuals it’s a newer concept….in short it’s all about hassle free and cost-effective motoring. • Leasing is a great to get behind the wheel of the newest car model, even if you can't afford to purchase it outright. • Love that new car smell? Leasing means you could be driving a new model every two or three years and you’ll never have the hassle of selling the car or worry about depreciation; simply hand the keys back and take out a new lease. • Like the security of set monthly outgoings? Then leasing is for you. Monthly costs are fixed, the only additional costs are fuel and insurance. The initial outlay is also low; typically equal to three or six monthly rentals. • Risk averse? If a maintenance agreement is taken out this eliminates the worry of things going wrong and associated costs. Leasing a vehicle is a little like renting a property. You sign a contract to pay a monthly fee for the car over a set period, at the end of which you hand back the keys to the leasing company. Most of us rent before we buy a property so the question has to be why are we not leasing a car rather than buying one and why are we not enjoying all the benefits of a new vehicle without the strain of up-front capital expenditure? Curious to find out more – click (here) to see our latest deals and take a moment to picture yourself behind the wheel of your brand new car!

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