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Car Leasing Review - The Volkswagen Tiguan


Car Leasing Review - The Volkswagen Tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan is spacious, comfortable and good to drive. Universally well reviewed, the Tiguan boasts a range of strong, smooth engines and offers more style and a higher driving position than an estate or ‘typical’ family saloon.

VW Tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan offers 5-seats unless you go for the All Space edition and all models have a well thought out interior and infotainment system is reviewed as one of the best there is. 

VW Tiguan interior

The Tiguan offers ample space but with it’s fantastic visibility it’s surprisingly easy to manoeuvre and park.

As a motorway vehicle it is comfortable and quiet but is ‘nippy’ enough to feel comfortable around town or on country roads. VW’s safety credentials are excellent so you can rest easy that your family is in a safe car.

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What are the benefits of leasing for young drivers?


What are the benefits of leasing for young drivers?

Many young drivers are turning to car leasing as a viable alternative to buying their first car with  either a bank loan or dealer finance.

Recent research from Experian has found that 1 in 5 young drivers aged between 18 to 24 are choosing to lease their vehicle.


With low monthly payments, low initial rental and the guarantee of a brand new car, leasing can be an affordable, often cheaper, way to get behind the wheel for the first time.

What are the benefits of leasing for new drivers?

  1. New; you're driving a car which is never more than three years old. And you can have a new car every three years.
  2. Budgeting; you know what your monthly car costs are going to be. Especially if you choose the maintenance option.
  3. Lower cost; when you buy a car you're buying the entire car, with leasing you're not so you pay a lot less.
  4. Peace of mind; with leasing you don't have to worry about what happens to the car after three years, it simply gets collected.
  5. Choice; With a lease company they are not trying to sell you a specific make or model. You can choose whichever you want.
  6. Advice; because the lease company is not trying to sell you a specific make or model, you can get impartial advice on any make or model.
  7. Affordability; you can choose the vehicle and terms which totally suit your budgets.
  8. Support; when you lease a car the lease company will want you to get another car after three years, so they will usually give you advice on any questions you have over the three year term.
  9. Simplified cost; you're monthly cost is just one payment covering the car, servicing, road fund licence.
  10. Your car; you are always driving a new car and never one that was once someone else's.

What about credit scores?

When you apply to lease a car your credit record will be checked.

Experian is one of the big players who hold a record of your score….want to know what it is? Simply visit their website and follow their simple steps to access  our credit score.

Good news – this used to be charged for but now The Experian Credit Score is free, forever.

Knowing your score record and improving it is an important part of managing your finances.  

Experian scores from 0-999 and offers advice on how to improve your score – it’s well worth taking a look at their advice. The graphic above shows how scores can affect your financials.

How to improve your score:

  • Get on the electoral roll.
  • Get a bank account
  • Have some responsible credit
  • Consider closing unused accounts
  • Space out credit applications
  • Aim to have a good amount of available credit
  • Try not to miss payments

Tempted to try leasing? Take a look at our currennt offers to find out how much car you could get for your money. Just click here.


Car Leasing review - the Mercedes A-Class


Car Leasing review - the Mercedes A-Class

We love the looks of the Mercedes Benz A-Class here at LittleGreenCarLeasing and our current Best Buy, from under £170/month, is really making our customers sit up and take notice of this stylish 5-door car. We’ve selected a round up of quotes from reviewers to give you more insight into this small family hatchback.


“A stylish car with some nice features” and points to it’s strong and efficient engines as a positive.

Auto Express

“Great to look at, a wide range of engines, lots of clever tech.”


“The Mercedes A-Class is a family hatchback with a classy interior that’s desirable and can be highly affordable to run”


“Rakish, sport styling, low emission diesel options, high brand values and stunning A 45 performance.”


“The A-class majors on both style and substance but lacks the originality of its forbear”

LittleGreenCarLeasing Summary

Whilst not the most applauded car we’ve ever looked at the stylish looks and premium brand of the Mercedes-Benz A-class is clearly a winner.

If you’re passionate about appearance it seems the A-Class could be for you! At Little Green Car Leasing, we’re proud to offer a fantastic lease price on this vehicle – with lease rates starting under £170 per month! Just give us a call today 01491 615514 or view the deal online.


In the news - "Drivers should have compulsory eye tests"


In the news -

You may have read this story or heard it on the news recently as it's got a lot of coverage.

The Association of Optometrists have said that all drivers should have compulsory eye tests every 10 years. With one in three optometrists reporting that they have seen patients in the last month who continue to drive with vision below the legal standard.

Currently, a person taking their practical driving test must be able to read a number plate from 20m (65ft) but there is currently no follow-up check with the Department for Transport saying that changes to eyesight should be reported by motorists themselves to the DVLA and drivers being required by law to make sure their eyesight is good enough to drive.

Data from the Department for Transport shows seven people were killed and 63 were seriously injured in accidents on Britain's roads last year when "uncorrected, defective eyesight" was a contributory factor.

When drivers pass the age of 70, they must actively declare that they are fit to drive, every three years and meeting minimum eyesight requirements is part of this, however optomoetrists have said that with this self declaration Britain "falls behind many other countries."

What do you think? We'd love to hear your views on our Facebook page


Car Leasing Offers – under £200 a month


Car Leasing Offers – under £200 a month

When you’ve made the decision to invest in getting a new car and furthermore you’ve decided to go down the route of car leasing your next decision (and this is the fun bit) is what car you are going to lease.

Some of our customers know exactly what car they want to lease, down to the specific spec and colour, and they’ve shopped around for the best price and LittleGreenCarLeasing delivers exactly what they want. Job done!

Others will want a car quickly, or perhaps they’ll know they need a 7-seater but don’t mind what make or model. However, many will be leasing with a budget in mind.

For the cost conscious customer we have a ‘search by budget’ tool to make this as easy as possible – simply choose your budget and a list of everything available will appear. 

What can £200 a month get me?

With the incredible deals we are able to regularly share, the answer is often a lot of car!

Our deals do change regularly but as of today you can lease the Ford Kuga, the Mini Clubman, the Audi A1 and the BMW 1 Series all for under £200 a month (based on an initial 9 month rental +47 additional months, 8,000 annual mileage and no maintenance. Price excludes arrangement fee of £199.)

Search by budget now at LGC for more insight into how far your money can go


What to consider when leasing on a budget

Here at LittleGreenCarLeasing we pride ourselves on there being no hidden costs in our leasing prices but if you are working to a specific budget do ensure you factor in everything you will be spending.

The advertised monthly leasing cost will be based on certain criteria such as:

  • Annual mileage
  • Contract term
  • No maintenance

If you are a high mileage driver, want a short term lease and a maintenance package your monthly payment will increase – so just bear this in mind when gathering quotes. There is also an industry standard arrangement fee of £199+VAT. It’s worth pointing out here that you should always compare ‘like for like.’

Don’t forget to factor in costs outside of your lease contract

Insurance and fuel will need to be budgeted for, but good news, your Road Fund Licence is included!

If you opt for a maintenance package on your new lease car you won’t have to worry about servicing, parts or tyres during your contract but if you decide to keep the monthly premium lower and do not opt for maintenance, do some research into what costs you might incur and budget for them.

Don’t underestimate your mileage!

Your monthly cost will be lower if you opt for 8,000 annual miles as opposed to 12,000 but beware, if you know you average 11,000 miles a year be honest as you’ll only have to pay excess mileage fees at the end of the contract term!  Read more about why you have to state your mileage when leasing a car.                                                                                                                

Take good care of your car

When you hand your car back at the end of the lease period your car will be checked over for signs of fair wear and tear. Anything deemed to be over and above fair wear and tear (the odd scratch is fine but any big dents or seriously scuffed alloys  are not) will be charged for. Read more about what fair wear and tear actually means. 

Be realistic

The success of your car leasing application will be subject to a finance application but even if your finance is approved you must be certain you can make the payments every month for the duration of the contract. Do not overstretch yourself and be realistic about what you can afford, long term.

Our friendly team are on hand to offer advice so give us a call or use on handy online chat facility





Leasing Superminis - all you need to know


Leasing Superminis - all you need to know

Traditionally, leasing a car was reserved for a high mileage motorist who primarily drove on motorways to and from business appointments in a large vehicle. Today…..well things have changed.

Car leasing is no longer the sole domain of estate driving high flyers. New drivers, those wanting a second more economical car and young families are all on our customer list here at Little Green Car Leasing and a hugely popular class of car are Superminis.

What is a Supermini?

Think the Mini, Ford Fiesta, the Volkswagen Polo and the Seat Ibiza. For those looking for budget car leasing, a supermini is a relatively small, inexpensive and economical option. Larger than a city car but smaller than a family hatchback, it's no wonder these small cars are becoming more popular as our busy world downsizes.

Superminis are also a good ‘greener’ option - designed to make your commute to the city more economical and environmentally sound!

What to look for when leasing a Supermini

Overall, Superminis are cheap to lease, cheap to run, easy to park and they’re often good fun to drive. It's motoring at its simplest so if you want a car that is free from ‘stress’ a Supermini might be for you. Here are our key things to consider...

  1. Consider your space requirements
    Most of the models come in three and five door options so think about what works best for you but do remember these cars aren’t always huge on space so if you have a pushchair to fit in the boot or growing teenagers, just do a bit of research with space. 

  2. Regularly driving long distances?
    If you are going to be driving regular long distances in a Supermini just remember it’s not built as a comfortable tourer – we’re not saying you’ll be driving a bone shaker but not all Superminis may not cruise a motorway like a larger car would.

  3. Performance superminis
    Some of the Superminis do offer performance models – the John Cooper Works Mini for example  is an awesome little care – but remember you’ll pay a premium for these models. The entry level cars which offer fantastic value for money aren’t going to be packing huge power under the bonnet. 

  4. Study the features
    Leasing a supermini doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be scaling back on features. Whilst superminis are going to be cheaper to run that their larger counterparts, they do share many of the same high tech features and technology. Check the features list when leasing to see what’s included.

How much will leasing a super mini cost?

We’ve used an example of a current leasing offer available from LittleGreenCarLeasing on the Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 125 Zetec 3-door hatchback

For a personal lease including maintenance contract (which ensures no nasty surprises with maintenance costs during your lease period) based on 8,000 miles a year and a 9 months up front and then a further 47 months the monthly cost is £175.38

Road fund licence (road tax) is included and you won’t need to worry about an MOT on your fully maintained new lease car.

Your up front costs will be £1817.22 (this includes the industry standard £199.00 admin fee).

This car is pretty economical giving you 65.7mpg so your fuel costs won’t cost the earth – remember to shop around when refueling, don’t just go to your local garage, does your nearest supermarket offer fuel? You might be surprised at the price difference!

You will have to insure yourself and of course prices vary based on age, location so we recommend you do your research before committing to any lease car.

One of our best buys currently is the Mini John Cooper Works - take a look at this deal from £183.99 a month here



Some brilliant feedback from our wonderful customers!


Some brilliant feedback from our wonderful customers!

Here at LittleGreenCarLeasing, we value our customers above all else, and will do just about anything to make them happy! We’re nothing without them, after all..

So, naturally, when we get great feedback we can’t help but want to shout about it from our (car) roof tops! So, what have our lovely customers been saying about us recently?

Here’s just a few of our favourite comments..

Anna Lou Cooper says “Thank you so much for your time. Your customer service has been very good!”.

Lorraine Pascoe says “The process and communication were fantastic”.

“Painless. We got just what we wanted” were the comments from Stephen Malloy.

Dipak Kalra says “I would like to give a huge thank you to Neil and to Jane at the “Little Green Car”. Neil had to search far and wide to locate the precise Smart model and colour of my dreams, and to get it to me quickly. Thank you for your perseverance! Thank you also to both Neil and Jane who were able to secure a good finance deal despite my changing country and job during those weeks. You are part of a great team, and we will definitely be back to you for our next car.”

Whilst Leigh Boxall says “The team at Little Green Car Leasing always look after me, this is my second lease car with them, I won’t go anywhere else....”

So, what’s stopping you from joining these lovely folk? We always go the extra mile to make sure our customers are satisfied with the service they receive from LittleGreenCar Leasing, so  if you see an offer you like the look of just get in touch and we can help you to find the car of your dreams. 


Why car leasing is a great option for young drivers


Why car leasing is a great option for young drivers

Leasing a car might be seen as an option only available to those with years of driving experience under their belts but in fact, it is a very good option for young drivers. 

Being able to budget with fixed monthly costs and low up front payments takes much of stress away of motoring and parents can rest in the knowledge their loved ones aren't behind the wheel of a banger!

A recent piece of research by Honest John from The Telegraph has stated that young people are being 'priced out of driving' due the soaring costs of insurance and driving tuition. Whilst we can't do much about these costs and budgeting for insurance is a must for anyone leasing a car, we are able to offer extremely affordable leasing deals to drivers of all ages.

Read the full article from The Teleraph here 

So how does car leasing work for a young driver?

In short, exactly the same way it does for everyone. 

As long as the applicant is accepted by the finance company (a good credit score is key) then the leasing process with LittleGreenCarLeasing is simple.

Select your car

Choose your leasing term

Choose how many months upfront you wish to pay

Set your annual mileage

Submit your application 

If successful our team will be in touch to confirm all of the details to you and with some of our stock vehicles you could be behind the wheel of your brand new car in 3-4 weeks.


It's important to realise that without a good credit score your application to lease a vehicle will not be successful.

You can check your credit score, for free via Experian 

Some tips to increase your credit score include:

  • Get on the electoral roll
  • Get a bank account
  • Have some responsible credit
  • Consider closing unused accounts
  • Space out credit applications
  • Aim to have a good amount of available credit
  • Try not to miss payments

If your first application is unsuccesful don't panic and don't disregard trying again in the future - action some of the above points, check your credit score again and when you think you are in a good position, make that application. 

Read more about credit scores in our simple guide by clicking here.



What are the benefits of leasing a car through your business?


What are the benefits of leasing a car through your business?

Leasing a car through your business can be a very smart move - we’ve outlined some of the benefits of business car leasing, whether you're a sole trader or the owner of a Limited Company.

Car leasing offers many advantages for businesses when compared to buying a car outright or taking out a finance package

Here’s some of the benefits explained:

Lower Initial Rental

A major advantage of leasing is that you won’t need to spend big up front. With leasing offers from Little Green Car Leasing you can choose to pay 3, 6 or 9 months upfront and you’ll also have to pay the standard £199+VAT admin fee. 

Fixed Monthly Costs

Fixed monthly leasing costs make budgeting a breeze. With leasing, your  business is essentially paying for the depreciation of the car so the total cost is usually much lower when compared to taking out finance repayments to buy a car.

Your Road Fund Licence is included in the leasing cost too.

You’re in charge of choice 

From the vehicle you want to drive, to your upfront payments and monthly costs you are in charge. You can also choose how long you lease the vehicle for and what your annual mileage will be. 

Cash Flow Management

Car Leasing removes depreciating assets from your company’s balance sheet and the associated risks of owning a vehicle, such as depreciation and disposing of the vehicle. 


Taking out a maintenance package gives you great peace of mind and again is a good way to budget. 

VAT Claim Back

Companies that are VAT registered can claim back 50% of the VAT on the car leasing payments and 100% of VAT on maintenance.

Reduced Administration

All of the administration of the vehicle is handled by the leasing company, saving you precious time

What else do you need to consider before leasing a car through your business?

No finance agreement should be entered into lightly so do consider the following before you agree to lease.

Budget for the future

It’s important to be certain that you can meet the payments you’ve agreed to for the duration of the contract. You might have your eye on the latest top of the range 4x4 but is this realistic ...... don’t get carried away!

Early Termination Costs

If you need to terminate your car leasing contract early,  you will be asked to pay a fee, typically 50% of any outstanding rentals.


Customers that exceed their agreed annual mileage will be charged with an excess mileage at 'pence per mile' rate set at the start of your contract. Don’t underestimate your mileage just to get a cheaper monthly cost - it won’t work out to be cost effective.

Fair Wear and Tear 

Customers must return the vehicle in a well maintained condition. Any damage over and above “Fair Wear and Tear” will be subject to additional charges. Read more about Fair Wear and Tear in our blog 


Always factor in the cost of insurance. The leased vehicle must be insured with full comprehensive cover and for business lease agreements, the insurance certificate should be in the company name or a director's name. 



The Jaguar F-Pace: our car leasing Deal of the Month


The Jaguar F-Pace: our car leasing Deal of the Month

The gorgeous Jaguar F-Pace is our current Deal of the Month and with a monthly leasing cost from just £307.11 per month, could you see yourself behind the wheel of this prestige, executive SUV?

Get more car for your money

This car leasing deal is a perfect of example of how leasing a car can see you behind the wheel of a prestige vehicle that you may have thought you couldn’t afford to drive.

Being able to budget for your monthly leasing costs and any associated maintenance needs (if you take out a maintenance package) is one of the main advantages of leasing as opposed to buying and with our team searching for the Best Buys you can always be assured of a fantastic deal.

Read more about the benefits of car leasing here

If you’re interested in the F-Pace, don’t delay as these deals are for a limited time only.

WhatCar? Gives the Jaguar F-Pace 4 stars out of 5 and says it is “fun to drive and surprisingly practical. The 2-0 litre makes the most financial sense, but the V6 diesel is an absolute belter if money is less of a concern.” Read the full review here

So - what are you waiting for? Take a look at the deal - just click on the picture below

Jaguar F-Pace







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