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Car Leasing Review - The Renault Captur


Car Leasing Review - The Renault Captur

The appeal and popularity of the Renault Captur is undeniable, and it’s easy to see why with a car that merges the convenience and economy of a supermini, with the style and feel of an SUV. Read what our experts have to say here;


“With SUVs enjoying huge popularity, there's a risk that other types of car will lose sales. It's clever thinking, then, to produce a car that combines the fuel economy and easygoing nature of a supermini with the adventurous looks and spirit of an SUV, and the Renault Captur does just that”.


“Renault's smallest crossover in its range is one of its most popular cars, and the Captur's appeal is clear to see. It's similar to the Clio in execution and uses the same platform, but adds jacked-up suspension and a raised driving position”.


“The Renault Captur might look like a chunky SUV that shrunk in the wash, but it’s actually a cunningly disguised Clio on stilts. Like the Clio, a range of economical petrol and diesel engines are available and only the front wheels are driven”.


“The Captur kick-started Renault’s range of popular SUVs and crossovers in 2013, and it has lived up to its name and gone on to capture a sizeable chunk of the market. It’s also Renault’s most popular car in the UK, outselling the Clio and the Megane”.


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