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Essential car accessories for Spring


Essential car accessories for Spring

Spring is here! We can now look forward to longer days, rising temperatures, and you can finally take the ice scraper and de-icer out of the car for another year, (we hope).  To mark the occasion we’ve put together a list of car accessories essential for this time of year.  

Sun shade or sun visor  

It might be wishful thinking but the sun’s going to be out this Spring….Right? This Day & Night sun visor clips onto your mirror as an extension, so you can protect your eyes from all that Springtime sunshine that we’re going to get, as well as including a night time visor, which reduces high beam light when night driving. Easy to set up and an essential for this time of year!

Backseat Litterbag

With the schools breaking up for Easter, this litterbag is ideal for keeping the back of your car clean, especially if you plan on taking little ones anywhere over the Easter holidays.

Four port USB charger

This one is vital if you find yourself in a constant battle with passengers over the car charger. Never run out of battery on the road again with this 4-port charger, especially essential if you plan on going on any road trips with friends this Spring!

Pet booster seat

Spring is the time for long walks in the park with your dog, and this waterproof pet booster seat is perfect for keeping those muddy paws off the seats. These are available in various shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find one for your dog.

Star Wars car accessory

Celebrate Star Wars day with one of these geeky accessories. May the fourth be with you! Available on ThinkGeek, Amazon, and various other sites.



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