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❤️ The Best Loved Cars of YesterYear ❤️


❤️ The Best Loved Cars of YesterYear ❤️

As February is the month of love ❤️ and of course it’s St Valentine’s Day this week we wanted to pay homage to some of the best loved cars of YesterYear.

From the Vauxhall Cortina to the Austin Metro – these vintage beauties sold in their millions. We take a look at five of our favourite retro motors!

The Mini 🚗

A staple of British culture the Mini is of course still going strong today and more than 6-million of this little cars have been sold. Launched in 1959 the Mini quickly became the ‘cool car on the block’ and it’s star turn in “The Italian Job” in 1969 most certainly helped it’s credentials!

The Ford Cortina 🚙

A car that is no longer with us is the Ford Cortina. This family favourite was Britain’s best selling car throughout the 1970s before it ceased production back in 1982. Almost 2.6 million Cortinas sold and families loved it!

The Ford Focus 🚗

Perhaps not the most exciting of cars but the Ford Focus is very much loved in the UK and has been since its introduction in the late 1990s. Practical, spacious, reliable and a solid family car the Focus is still applauded by reviewers and sales continue to be strong – looks aren’t always everything!

Austin Metro 🚙

Another ‘ghost of cars past’ now – the Austin Metro! Who can remember these little cars? One was famously owned by Princess Diana when she was thrust into the limelight as the shy Lady Di and they became a very popular little car with around 1.5million sold between its launch in 1980 and it ceasing production in 1997.

The Ford Fiesta 🚗

Still carrying the badge of the UK’s most popular car today is the Ford Fiesta. This fantastic small car over took the Ford Escort as the best-selling car in the UK ever back in 2014 and is now in its seventh generation. The Fiesta is affordable, reliable, compact but practical, drives well and looks good! So what is there not to love?

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