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5 steps to becoming a better driver!


5 steps to becoming a better driver!

We all think that we’re faultless drivers, but there’s always room for improvement, and many of us have bad driving habits that we’ve picked up over the years. Here’s 5 steps can help all of us become better drivers!


1. Smoothly does it

By accelerating and decelerating in a smooth and controlled manner, you could expect to save as much as 20-30% in fuel, particularly if you’re an aggressive driver. So driving less aggressively, and anticipating the road ahead is not just safer, but it’ll also save you money!


2. Limit distractions

Police are cracking down on distractions when driving. If you’re caught using mobile a phone while driving,  you can get up to 6 penalty points, and a £200 fine. It’s still illegal while stopped in traffic, and if you’ve passed your driving test within the last 2 years, you can lose your licence!  Fiddling with the satnav, the radio, or even dealing with children in the back can lead to a loss of concentration behind the wheel, so stay safe, and remain focused while driving.  


3. Check your car regularly

As well as checking the oil and water in your car every couple of weeks, you should also check your tyre pressures and tread depth regularly, as tyres can be often neglected by motorists, with a survey by Tyre safe stating that as many as 1 in 4 vehicles in the UK could have illegal tyres. Especially with winter fast approaching, it’s even more important to check your tyres regularly, and help prevent accidents caused by illegal tyres.


4. Leave space

When driving on multi-lane roads, or motorways, we can all be guilty of not leaving enough space at times, or tailgating. Tailgating is one of the top causes  of accidents within the UK, and we should always leave enough space not just in front, but also be aware of the space around us. Remember also, “only a fool breaks the two second rule”. 


5. Don’t be too complacent, we can all make mistakes

Driver error is a factor in almost three quarters of road accidents, as Phillip Gomm, from the RAC foundation states, “the key to safety is to not be too over-confident, few people believe that they are bad drivers, yet thousands of us have accidents every year”. Over-confidence can lead to unnecessary risks being taken, we can all make mistakes, and it’s better to be over-vigilant rather than complacent.

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