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Leasing Superminis - all you need to know


Leasing Superminis - all you need to know

Traditionally, leasing a car was reserved for a high mileage motorist who primarily drove on motorways to and from business appointments in a large vehicle. Today…..well things have changed.

Car leasing is no longer the sole domain of estate driving high flyers. New drivers, those wanting a second more economical car and young families are all on our customer list here at Little Green Car Leasing and a hugely popular class of car are Superminis.

What is a Supermini?

Think the Ford Fiesta, the Volkswagen Polo and the Seat Ibiza. For those looking for budget car leasing, a supermini is a relatively small, inexpensive and economical option. Larger than a city car but smaller than a family hatchback, it's no wonder these small cars are becoming more popular as our busy world downsizes.

Superminis are also a good ‘greener’ option - designed to make your commute to the city more economical and environmentally sound!

What to look for when leasing a Supermini

Overall, Superminis are cheap to lease, cheap to run, easy to park and they’re often good fun to drive. It's motoring at its simplest so if you want a car that is free from ‘stress’ a Supermini might be for you. Here are our key things to consider...

  1. Consider your space requirements
    Most of the models come in three and five door options so think about what works best for you but do remember these cars aren’t always huge on space so if you have a pushchair to fit in the boot or growing teenagers, just do a bit of research with space. Some (such as the Ford Fiesta) have plenty of space on offer but the VW Polo, for example is more compact.

  2. Regularly driving long distances?
    If you are going to be driving regular long distances in a Supermini just remember it’s not built as a comfortable tourer – we’re not saying you’ll be driving a bone shaker but not all Superminis may not cruise a motorway like a larger car would.

  3. Performance superminis
    Some of the Superminis do offer performance models – the VW Polo R-line for example – but remember you’ll pay a premium for these models. The entry level cars which offer fantastic value for money aren’t going to be packing huge power under the bonnet. 

  4. Study the features
    Leasing a supermini doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be scaling back on features. Whilst superminis are going to be cheaper to run that their larger counterparts, they do share many of the same high tech features and technology. Check the features list when leasing to see what’s included.

Top 5 Superminis on the market

According to Auto Express the top 5 superminis on the market right now are:


1. Ford Fiesta

2. Seat Ibiza

3. Skoda Fabia

4. Citroen C3

5. VW Polo

How much will leasing a super mini cost?

We’ve used an example of a current leasing offer available from LittleGreenCarLeasing on the Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 125 Zetec 3-door hatchback

For a personal lease including maintenance contract (which ensures no nasty surprises with maintenance costs during your lease period) based on 8,000 miles a year and a 9 months up front and then a further 47 months the monthly cost is £175.38

Road fund licence (road tax) is included and you won’t need to worry about an MOT on your fully maintained new lease car.

Your up front costs will be £1817.22 (this includes the industry standard £199.00 admin fee).

This car is pretty economical giving you 65.7mpg so your fuel costs won’t cost the earth – remember to shop around when refueling, don’t just go to your local garage, does your nearest supermarket offer fuel? You might be surprised at the price difference!

You will have to insure yourself and of course prices vary based on age, location so we recommend you do your research before committing to any lease car.

Take a look at this deal here but remember our deals are constantly being updated so these prices are correct at the time of publishing but subject to change.


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