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Future Proof - what caught our eye at the Frankfurt Motor Show


Future Proof - what caught our eye at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Motor Shows are a time for car manufacturers to show off the latest, soon-to-be-launched models but they are also used for a glimpse into the future.


Concept cars are headline makers for manufacturers and with Frankfurt, one of the biggest motor shows in the world having just reached it’s conclusion the array of concept cars on show didn’t disappoint.


Concept cars let manufacturers roll out their ideas and technology, showing-off what is technically possible for the future. They are also used to test the press and public’s reaction to future model designs - a bad reaction can see ideas binned whilst other concepts move forwards to becoming a future production car..

Here’s a round-up of some of the concept cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 that caught our eye.

The Audi Aicon

Audi Aicon Concept Car

Audi showcased it’s concept Aicon, a four-door four-seater car. It’s one of the largest concept cars on show, at 5.4m long it’s 20cm bigger than Audi’s long wheelbase A8.

The Aicon promises a 500-mile pure electric range, and the tech is mind blowing, how have we coped without a mini drone to illuminate our path once we step out of the car?


The Honda Urban EV

Honda Urban EV Concept Car

There’s something about this boxy little Honda that stands out from the rest of the sleek and sophisticated concept crowd

Honda says the Urban EV takes inspiration from the original Civic of the seventies, and will form the basis of a small electric production car arriving in 2019.

It’s small (smaller than the Honda Jazz,) minimalist and a four seater - we kind of love it’s simplicity and can imagine this on the UK’s roads in the not too distant future.

The Mercedes AMG Project One

Mercedes AMG Project One Concept Car

Many of the big car magazines have said this AMG Project One was the star of the show.

This is not a supercar! It’s a hypercar! With an estimated price tag of £2.4million.

The Project One features a powertrain that isn’t just inspired by Formula 1, but lifted almost in its entirety from the racing cars. The turbocharged 1.6 litre V6 has four electric motors, over 986bhp and can take it from 0-124mph in six seconds.


The Smart Vision EQ for Two 

The Smart Concept Car
Smart have long produced cars with a futuristic vibe and the Vision EQ for Two concept that was unveiled in Frankfurt is an electric, autonomous two-seat city car that could hit the roads in 2030.

It’s the same length as Smart’s ForTwo, but this autonomous vehicle it has no steering wheel or pedals. A central screen displays any info or entertainment the occupants require, while the front grille is a digital readout that can display welcome messages or alert pedestrians. A production car would have no private owner – instead customers can ‘hail’ it via a smartphone app.

Now that’s futuristic!



Car Leasing Offers – under £200 a month


Car Leasing Offers – under £200 a month

When you’ve made the decision to invest in getting a new car and furthermore you’ve decided to go down the route of car leasing your next decision (and this is the fun bit) is what car you are going to lease.

Some of our customers know exactly what car they want to lease, down to the specific spec and colour, and they’ve shopped around for the best price and LittleGreenCarLeasing delivers exactly what they want. Job done!

Others will want a car quickly, or perhaps they’ll know they need a 7-seater but don’t mind what make or model. However, many will be leasing with a budget in mind.

For the cost conscious customer we have a ‘search by budget’ tool to make this as easy as possible – simply choose your budget and a list of everything available will appear. 

What can £200 a month get me?

With the incredible deals we are able to regularly share, the answer is often a lot of car!

Our deals do change regularly but as of today you can lease the Ford Kuga, the Mini Clubman, the Audi A1 and the BMW 1 Series all for under £200 a month (based on an initial 9 month rental +47 additional months, 8,000 annual mileage and no maintenance. Price excludes arrangement fee of £199.)

Search by budget now at LGC for more insight into how far your money can go


What to consider when leasing on a budget

Here at LittleGreenCarLeasing we pride ourselves on there being no hidden costs in our leasing prices but if you are working to a specific budget do ensure you factor in everything you will be spending.

The advertised monthly leasing cost will be based on certain criteria such as:

  • Annual mileage
  • Contract term
  • No maintenance

If you are a high mileage driver, want a short term lease and a maintenance package your monthly payment will increase – so just bear this in mind when gathering quotes. There is also an industry standard arrangement fee of £199+VAT. It’s worth pointing out here that you should always compare ‘like for like.’

Don’t forget to factor in costs outside of your lease contract

Insurance and fuel will need to be budgeted for, but good news, your Road Fund Licence is included!

If you opt for a maintenance package on your new lease car you won’t have to worry about servicing, parts or tyres during your contract but if you decide to keep the monthly premium lower and do not opt for maintenance, do some research into what costs you might incur and budget for them.

Don’t underestimate your mileage!

Your monthly cost will be lower if you opt for 8,000 annual miles as opposed to 12,000 but beware, if you know you average 11,000 miles a year be honest as you’ll only have to pay excess mileage fees at the end of the contract term!  Read more about why you have to state your mileage when leasing a car.                                                                                                                

Take good care of your car

When you hand your car back at the end of the lease period your car will be checked over for signs of fair wear and tear. Anything deemed to be over and above fair wear and tear (the odd scratch is fine but any big dents or seriously scuffed alloys  are not) will be charged for. Read more about what fair wear and tear actually means. 

Be realistic

The success of your car leasing application will be subject to a finance application but even if your finance is approved you must be certain you can make the payments every month for the duration of the contract. Do not overstretch yourself and be realistic about what you can afford, long term.

Our friendly team are on hand to offer advice so give us a call or use on handy online chat facility




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