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The Dubai Motor Show 2017


The Dubai Motor Show 2017

The Dubai Motor Show opens today and the opulence of the event can be summed up by the unveiling of a one-off McLaren.

McLaren unveiled at Dubai Motor Show

McLaren has revealed it’s latest McLaren Special Operations (MSO) one-off. A black and gold 720S bearing founder Bruce McLaren’s words on the rear spoiler!


Created for a customer the car is finished in satin black paintwork with gold highlights across the interior and exterior and it wouldn’t be complete without a 24-carat gold engine heat shield and gold-painted wheels!!

Dubai is renowned for it’s opulent motor show – a great place to keep up to date with the daily unveilings is via Twitter @DubaiMotorShow

We can't wait to see what else is unveiled! 




In the news - "Drivers should have compulsory eye tests"


In the news -

You may have read this story or heard it on the news this morning as it's got a lot of coverage.

The Association of Optometrists have said that all drivers should have compulsory eye tests every 10 years. With one in three optometrists reporting that they have seen patients in the last month who continue to drive with vision below the legal standard.

Currently, a person taking their practical driving test must be able to read a number plate from 20m (65ft) but there is currently no follow-up check with the Department for Transport saying that changes to eyesight should be reported by motorists themselves to the DVLA and drivers being required by law to make sure their eyesight is good enough to drive.

Data from the Department for Transport shows seven people were killed and 63 were seriously injured in accidents on Britain's roads last year when "uncorrected, defective eyesight" was a contributory factor.

When drivers pass the age of 70, they must actively declare that they are fit to drive, every three years and meeting minimum eyesight requirements is part of this, however optomoetrists have said that with this self declaration Britain "falls behind many other countries."

More on this story can be found via the BBC and Daily Express

The Government rules can be found here.

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